Joshua Lowe

Josh is a 15 year old coder, passionate about sharing his skills with others. He is the creator of EduBlocks, an open source drag and drop version of Python 3 which allows students to learn the Python syntax with minimal errors. His software is being used in countries all around the world by students and teachers alike. Josh delivers numerous workshops around the country sharing his passion for coding to people of all ages. In 2017, he was awarded a John Pinner Award at PyCon UK for his contribution to the coding community. He is also a pi-top futureCHAMPION.

  • 2019 - A surprise keynote... is a surpriseEN

    This is a "surprise" talk. For our keynote we choose the programm for you. You are in a room, and a speaker come to speak about a subject for which you ignore the content. Don't be afraid it's only for 30 minutes. As it's a surprise we don't display the session summary before...

  • 2019 - Raspberry Pi Jam

    Les Raspberry Jams sont des évènements où les gens viennent pour découvrir le monde numérique. Les Jams peuvent prendre toutes sortes de tailles et de formes : ateliers pour débutants, sessions de travail sur vos propres projets, des démonstrations, des conférences... Une Jam rassemble toutes sortes de personnes : certains découvrent les interactions avec des montages électroniques, et d'autres ont des tonnes d'expérience qu'ils sont heureux de venir partager. Les Jams sont des évènements accueillants où vous pourrez faire des rencontres et apprendre ensemble dans un environnement amical.

    Pour son édition 2019, MiXiT a décidé d'héberger une Raspberry Pi Jam. Nous essaierons de vous faire découvrir tout le plaisir d'utiliser ce petit ordinateur qui sait tout faire.

  • 2018 - Make the transition from block based programming to text based programmingEN

    Looking for ways to make the transition from block based programming to text based programming easier, then look no further! In this talk 14 year old Josh will introduce you to his project called EduBlocks, which is a visual block based programming tool that he has created to help teachers introduce programming languages, like Python, to children at an earlier age.