MiXiT is a beautiful story began in 2011. 2019 will be the 9th edition already, and one of its first principles "to have an accessible conference to everyone" is always our agenda.

Even if this conference has been created by Lyon Java User Group and the Club Agile Rhône-Alpes, you will not hear only about Agile and Java. Our goal is to not only have talks about the development in the broad sense, but also about management, project, entrepreneurship, desktop development, mobile phone and web, design...

Like each year, we are proud to welcome you for some expert sessions, games and meetings. Entrepreneurs, project managers, developers, designers, you will find ideas for your project! Talks are given in French and in English.

The active team

Brian Clozel photo Brian Clozel photo

Brian Clozel

Committer Spring Framework & Spring Boot à Pivotal

Anne-Laure de Boissieu photo Anne-Laure de Boissieu photo

Anne-Laure de Boissieu

web developper, member of Duchess

Geoffrey Dorne photo Geoffrey Dorne photo

Geoffrey Dorne

Geoffrey Dorne est designer indépendant depuis 2005. Il réalise des projets graphiques, numériques, interactifs dont le but est l’engagement social, citoyen, environnemental dans l’optique de favoriser la diversité du vivant : humain et non-humain. Geoffrey travaille avec des ONG, des associations, des entreprises et le secteur public et développe aussi ses propres projets de design comme des applications pour les réfugiés, des plugins pour les citoyens, des livres sur l'émancipation des citoyens, des outils pour mieux connaître la biodiversité, etc. et ce, avec un regard low-tech et no-tech. Geoffrey s’accorde à faire du design un outil d’émancipation, de résilience, de liberté et d’indépendance.

Thierry Chantier photo Thierry Chantier photo

Thierry Chantier

Tech craftman, co-founder of MixTeen, exchange on a 24-hour basis ;)

Agnès Crepet photo Agnès Crepet photo

Agnès Crepet

Ninja Squad Co-founder - JUG Leader : Lyon JUG & Duchess France - MiXiT Co-founder.

Charles Bouttaz photo

Charles Bouttaz

Agile developer and crafter, MiXiT orga & Lyon JUG leader

Anaïs  Payet photo

Anaïs Payet

Freelance mobile developer, Duchess member

Cédric Exbrayat photo Cédric Exbrayat photo

Cédric Exbrayat

Founder of Lyon JUG, MiXiT, Ninja Squad and hype blogger.

Jessica Bordeau photo Jessica Bordeau photo

Jessica Bordeau

Freelance designer & phtographer based in Lyon. I specialized in interactive storytelling projects ッ

Hervé Tran photo

Hervé Tran

Benjamin Leroy photo

Benjamin Leroy

Sébastien Deleuze photo Sébastien Deleuze photo

Sébastien Deleuze

Spring Framework and Reactor committer at Pivotal, Kotlin addict, and co-worker at "La Cordée".

Amélie Bourges photo

Amélie Bourges

Web Developer who loves UX/UI Design, eyes wide with wonder at everything !

Cyril Lacote photo Cyril Lacote photo

Cyril Lacote

I play the computer with Ninja Squad by day, and I tweet for MiXiT by night.

The other members

All the team members give a lot of their free time to organize this event. These members have decided to make a break this year:

Alexis Hassler photo

Alexis Hassler

Self-employed, Dev & Ops, training.

Mathieu Petitdant photo

Mathieu Petitdant

Java/Web developer and agile ... freelance.

Alfred Almendra photo

Alfred Almendra

Agile enthusiast

Nicolas Pelloux-prayer photo

Nicolas Pelloux-prayer

MiXiT CoFounder - software craftsman.

Franck Depierre photo

Franck Depierre

Passionate about learning, enjoy collaboration and love building products.

Guillaume Ehret photo

Guillaume Ehret

Passionate agile developer, founder of Dev-Mind.

Philippe Charrière photo

Philippe Charrière

Presale, "technophage", ex tech director, ex project manager, ex architect, lifelong developer.