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MiXiT next edition will take place from 25 to 26 April 2024 at CPE (Lyon 1 University) at Villeurbane.

Call for Papers<br>& Lottery<br>Open
Call for Papers
& Lottery
Call for Papers<br>& Lottery<br>Close
Call for Papers
& Lottery
Speakers<br>& Sessions<br>Announced
& Sessions

The lottery will open on 18 December 2023 and close on 19 January 2024. Lottery winners will be able to buy their ticket from 29 January 2024.

The Call for Papers will open on 18 December 2023 and close on 19 January 2024. Sessions and speakers will be announced on 29 January 2024.

MiXiT in few words...

Various topics,
Speakers of choice,
Strong values.

MiXiT conference is an event for discovering new things and meeting nice people. Our commitment is to offer a variety of topics, technologies and also attendees diversity.

We want this conference to be more than an IT conference gathering our whole ecosystem: we want it to be accessible (notably by its price).

A room will be available to breastfeeding mothers
For deaf and hearing-impaired people, the large amphitheater will be equipped with a video-typing system (RISP system) and the small amphitheater with an automatic retranscription system.
Contact us to reserve an access card for the elevators.
Seat reserved primarily for people with disabilities or pregnant women.

Contact us if you have limited mobility, so we can ease your access to the conference. Learn more about accessibility...

2 Days
60+ Sessions
90+ Sessions
Evening Socials
Gourmet break

Editorial line

At MiXiT you will find technical and non-technical talks divided into the following categories. We try to offer more technical talks, in order to be more in line with the profile of the participants.



Dive into a tech subject


Explore fundamentals 101


Work together


Connect IT & moral criteria

But our particularity is to build an open conference on subjects broader than our daily tasks, including speakers from outside our fields (our aliens) . Here are examples of “aliens” talks from the last years of MiXiT

Other Other 2015
Reading Code Good
Saron Yitbarek
Other Other 2014
Programming Diversity
Ashe Dryden
Other Other 2015
The Three Ages of Innovation
Dan North

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