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Speaker 2022

Sébastien Besnier

I'm a kind of software development nerd: web, cryptography, compilers, everything interest me! I started with "C++ for dummies" (true story!), and then used Python for a while. Having discovered and beloved functional programming with Haskell and Elm, I now try using a "minimalist" paradigm: using as few concepts as possible to build my programs.

When not programming, I like singing French songs and playing my guitar, or thinking about how to capture the adverse King with my pawn.

    2022 -Compiler-Driven Development avec Elm


    Un langage frontend sans aucune erreur d’exécution, c’est possible ? C’est le pari réussi de Elm ! Et bonne nouvelle, son compilateur est un mentor très pédagogique pour apprendre ce langage. Venez le découvrir lors de cet atelier !

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