Mixette: Késaco ?

by Amélie, on May 13th 2022

Qui dit 10 ans, dit événement exceptionnel ! On vous en dit plus sur le nouveau concept inédit que l'équipe a mis en place cette année dans cet article.


MiXiT Party 2022

by Cyril, on May 4th 2022

MiXiT 2022 is the rebirth edition: one conference, with crêpes, heart, aliens, as usual, but real human beings in real life above all. Among these pleasures, we are happy to offer you again a new party, in a beautiful building, on the evening of the first day (May 24th 2022).


Did you miss us?

by Anne-Laure, on November 11th 2020

The whole team is delighted to announce that a 2021 edition of MiXiT will take place. The health situation prompts us to organize it online. It's not all done yet, but we can already tell you a few things.


MiXiT 2020 is canceled

by Brian, on March 9th 2020

It’s with great sadness that the MiXiT team announces that the 2020 edition on April 29th and 30th has been canceled.


Hempuli, creator of Baba Is You at MiXiT20

by Grégory, on January 24th 2020

For our 10th edition, we are thrilled to welcome Arvi Teikari a.k.a Hempuli, creator of indie games Environmental Station Alpha and Baba Is You, THE indie game of 2018 and multi-awarded.


James Carlson, speaker at #MiXiT19

by Grégory, on March 15th 2019

James Carlson is the creator of one of the first tiers-lieu of the world, Bucketworks. This year, he will come to tell us his story. Discover who is James before seing him face to face.


MiXiT, 9th edition - 2019 : from May 23 to 24

by Anne-Laure, on October 22nd 2018

Conferences and workshops will be held from May 23 to 24. Some changes are expected for this new edition : welcome more participants and get closer to the main train station, Part-Dieu. MiXiT moving to Lyon 3 University, on Manufacture des Tabacs campus.


#TechActivism @MiXiT

by Agnès, on March 23rd 2018

The MiXiT conference has been highlighting Tech Activism initiatives since its beginning, because we are convinced that it’s important to incite developers and to all IT people to question the limits of their own ethics.


MiXiT to accessibility and beyond

by Grégory, on February 27th 2018

One of our battle is to make MiXiT as accessible as possible. Firstly CPE, the place where the conference takes place, allows us to welcome people with motor disabilities. And we fight from the beginning for having the lowest price possible, in order to allow everyone to have a place.


#mixit18 dates, CFP, sponsors...

by Mathieu, on November 7th 2017

Let’s start again: some guest speakers, some other that fought well to go through the call for papers, “aliens” keynotes, random talks… All that mixed in Lyon, France on april 19th and 20th. The whole limited to the lucky ones randomly selected to buy a ticket (lottery planned on early february).


Tech talks at MiXiT 2017

by Charles, on March 17th 2017

Until the complete program of the conference is released let me give you a preview of the MiXiT 2017 technical program.


MiXiT has a new visual identity

by Jessica, on February 23rd 2017

MiXiT is a well-known conference in Lyon, especially among developers and agilists professionals. However, in 2017, we hope to attract an even wider audience; which is partly the goal of our branding work. Our redesign plays with our local side. It also confirm our choice to make our conferences accessible to a more mainstream audience. The result is a brand new identity, reflecting more clearly our values. Do not hesitate to contact us, whether you are a regular or a new participant, your opinion matters.


Web site evolutions

by Guillaume, on April 13th 2016

Our website is evolving slowly and the new version can be improved.... All the staff is composed by volunteers. Several features are ready and cans help you during the conference.


by Guillaume, on February 8th 2016

On nous demande souvent « mais comment choisissez-vous vos speakers sur MiXiT ? »… Et à chaque fois on se dit « faut vraiment qu'on fasse un article dessus ! »


The MiXiT 2016 CFP is open

by Agnès, on January 20th 2016

You were many to request the opening dates of the 2016 CFP. We can tell you that it's done! And you can suggest your sessions until March 6, 2016.


Interview de Simon Brown

by Romain, on April 13th 2013

We pleased to welcome Simon, author of the blog, who will give a talk and facilitate a workshop about software architecture, a mandatory skill for all teams. Interview !


Interview of Chrissy Welsh

by Romain, on April 13th 2013

Chrissy Welsh defines herself as a UXer, she will give a talk "The hitchhikers guide to UXing without a UXer" about this discipline, often named, seldom mastered ... Interview !


Messaging & Social Architecture by Pieter Hintjens

by Agnès, on April 19th 2012

Pieter Hintjens has many strings to his bow. He's active in open standards development (author of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol : AMQP), co-founder of ZeroMQ, a topic of one of his MiXiT talks. And he will speak about Social Architecture too!