Les habitants de l'Open Space : la posture du manager

Retour d'expérience sur l'utilisation des outils Solution Focus, Host Leadership, Management 3.0 pour amener les habitants d'un Open Space à améliorer leurs conditions de travail. La présentation est structurée en 3 étapes :

  1. description du contexte et de la problématique, et tentative de résolution managériale classique
  2. Changement de posture managériale
  3. Bilan et enseignements, pour le manager, pour les habitants.



#TALK in French

Patrick Comfaits

Groupama support et services

A long time ago, I was a developer, before becamimg a project manager and then a manager. In 2015, I had to setup my first Agile project. I experienced the deep differences between this new type of project and the classical waterfall I was educated in. Since then I participated to conferences, I read a lot of books or blogs, I participated in management 3.0 training. Because I believe that it is possible to have fun at work, while doing an awesome job, I’m very interested in everything about the new role of the managers. Today, I am Groupama community coordinator with the mission to spread the Agile mindset.