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Speaker 2018

Emile Silvis


Emile Silvis is a South African agile practitioner living and working in the Netherlands. He started off as a business analyst, but since started a business, learned to program and lead a team of software engineers. He likes systems thinking, startups and philosophy.

    2018 -If you can draw the problem, you can solve it: Systems Thinking made practical


    When we try to solve complex organisational problems, we’re often like the six blind men describing an elephant: We focus only on the parts, convinced that we alone know the truth. We fail to see holistically how the parts interconnect to make up the whole.

    Our systems thinking workshop gives you the tools to approach complex problems as systems, even if these complex problems are “soft problems” (such as fixing an unsafe organisational culture, undergoing an agile transformation or implementing a DevOps mindset).

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