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Speaker 2017

Marjolein Shiamatey

ReGen Villages

Master in Physics - Science, Business and Innovation at the VU University of Amsterdam. Expertise in translating (science based) products into viable market solutions. I have acquired a diverse skill set through a diverse set of projects. These projects include working as a consultant for a "lean & green"​ program in Hong Kong and for Phillips in Ghana looking at the implementation of solar lamps in the rural areas.

Furthermore, I have acquired leadership skills through inter alia attending the Science and Leadership Forum at Stanford University in 2014. I also was the president of the Socrates International Honours Society in 2013 - 2014.

Currently I'm working as a consultant for Praan Solutions which designs and trains in alternative economic practices. I am also CEO and Co-founder of Quepper a social media website which focusses on sharing information without having to consider "the virtual image".

My ambition in life is to deploy innovative solutions that contribute to the solving of great social problems while creating shared value. This vision is recognised by the ECHO foundation who nominated me for the Beta & Science award.

    2017 -ReGen Villages

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    ReGen Villages is a startup real estate development company aiming to build small, self-sustaining residential communities around the world. The first one is expected to be completed in Almere, Netherlands in 2018. Unlike traditional subdivisions, ReGen villages would be “regenerative” (hence the name), since they’d use resources in a closed loop.

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