James Carlson

Founder of Bucketworks (2002), the first collaborative third place in America, and the School Factory (2007), a federation of more than 100 third places, James has been passionate about the development of hands-on learning communities across science, art, business and culture. James now develops a new third place, Bright City, in Paris, while creating a mosaic of the world with 10,000 human eyes.

  • 2019 - Third Place TrajectoriesEN

    Where are we going with third places? France now has 1,800, according to a recent report co-published by the Ministry of Territorial Integration. How can these places contribute to the future of schools, the world of business, the world of art and of culture? James Carlson, founder of Bucketworks (2002) a "health club for the brain" and the School Factory (2007), a nationwide network of makerspaces and hackerspaces in the US will lead a discussion on the trajectory of the third place, and its progression in society.