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Speaker 2021

Esther Onfroy

Expert in Android security and reverse engineering, Esther Onfroy a.k.a U039b is a French hacktivist, speaker and co-founder of Defensive Lab Agency, Exodus Privacy, Echap, PiRanhaLysis and Pithus. She actively works with journalists, academics, NGOs and private companies. She helps them better understand and respond to today's cybersecurity threats on mobile devices.

    2021 -I have a pwn in my hand

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    Son smartphone dans la main, Camille attend son colis qui n'arrivera jamais. Musique, emails, gestionnaire de mots de passe, chat, réseaux sociaux, jeux, tout y est, dans la paume de notre main. Cet objet quotidien semblant si souvent anodin se révèle être une formidable opportunité pour les acteurs malveillants de "faire les poches" des personnes et des entreprises.

    Lors de cette conférence nous ferons un rapide tour d'horizon des menaces actuelles sur mobiles. Phishing, smishing, malware, squatting, blanchiment de données et autres scams en tout genre sont les menaces auxquelles nous faisons face aujourd'hui. Comment des applications et plateformes inoffensives telles que Fedex, Spotify, LastPass, Clubhouse ou Grindr peuvent faciliter ces menaces. Enfin, nous discuterons des impacts sur les utilisateurs et les entreprises.

    Smartphone in hand, Camille is waiting for a package that will never arrive. Music, emails, password manager, chat apps, social networks, games, everything is there, in the palm of our hand. This everyday object that seems harmless at times is actually a great opportunity for malicious actors to "pick the pockets" of people and companies. During this conference we will go over the current threats on mobile devices and how we can address them. From Phishing, smishing, malware, squatting to data laundering and other scams. How innocuous apps and platforms such as Fedex, Spotify, LastPass, Clubhouse or Grindr can facilitate these threats. We will also discuss the impacts on both the users and the companies.

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