Arvi Teikari


Arvi is a Finnish game developer. A lifelong desire to create led him first to drawing and painting and later to game design. One of his greatest interests as a game developer is to create experiences that surprise or otherwise evoke emotion in the audience, be it through a relatable structures or unusual design. Preferring to make things quickly and not dwell on details, game jams have become a very important part of his identity as a game developer.

  • 2020 - Level design in Baba Is YouEN

    In this talk I'll explain the process of coming up with the level designs for the award-winning puzzle game Baba Is You & describe various factors that affected the design process.

  • 2020 - How Baba Is You came to beEN

    The developer of the puzzle game Baba Is You explains the development process of the game, from a jam prototype made in 48 hours to a full commercial title boasting over 200 levels. The developer will discuss some of the challenges faced and the thought processes behind the game's design.