Hey kids, what are your plans for holidays? We code!
No need to be a geek padawan, no need to stay in front of a computer...
With creativity and curiosity, you can build your own application while having fun.
For parents: offer your kids to understand computer science in a playful way, with tools thought for them. We will give them the keys to the coding world.
For the kids: learn to code your own games, make interactive stories on a computer and come code with us!

What's the plan?

  • Get your ticket online through YurPlan
  • A lot of activities:
    • For everyone: Scratch
    • Unplugged workshop: play with us and discover what binary is, encode images...
    • Thymio: a small robot easy to code which will allow to understand robotics basics
    • Micro:bit: micro controller board built under BBC supervision and targeted to english schools and kids. It allow some electronics basics, discover the IoT world and code.
    • Pico-8: through a console that does not exist but still can be coded, dream up your own games.
    • The most brave could install the tools, for example Scratch version 2.0
  • Then meet us on Friday, April 21st at 14h30 at CPE school building (same place as MiXiT)
  • The kids may come with their own computer
  • From 5:00PM, kids will show their work to theirs parents and to the other kids
  • At 6:00PM, all kids will gather with all the MiXiT attendees and show their talents
Any question? Contact us!

MixTeen history

  • During the final keynote during Mix-IT 2012, Pamela Fox imagined a world where everyone start learning code at very young ages and puhed us a goal: go and help someone learning to code.
  • During Mix-IT 2013, Audrey Neveu and Aline Paponaud introduced their Programatoo initiative.
  • In October 2013, passion came to the very first workshop, 5th October 2013, with the fundmental help from d'Audrey Neveu. Kids discovered Scratch and Lego Mindstorms.
  • 2014, we launched our own coding workshop during MiXiT: MixTeeN was born!