How to come to MiXiT?

Manufacture des tabacs - 6 rue Professeur Rollet - 69008 Lyon

How to come

Conference take place at Manufacture des tabacs : 6 rue Professeur Rollet Open the map

Prefer public transportation, bikes or walking if you want to come to the conference. Your day will be so much greener!

Saint-Exupéry Airport is the closest airport from Lyon. Thanks to the express lineRhône Express (a train every 15 minutes), you are at 30 minutes from the centre of Lyon, Part-Dieu station. From the Part-Dieu station you can walk (20 minutes) or take a tramway (see below)

Choose a train which arrive at Part-Dieu station (this is the first train station when you come from Paris). From the Part-Dieu station you can walk (15 minutes) or take a tramway (see below)

See precise routes on the TCL network website (Tramway, Subway, Bus). The closest tramway station from the site is Manufacture Montluc on the line T4 (about 2 min walking from the tramway, the path will be indicated with signs).

Lyon has a great self-service bike system: Vélo'V. The nearer stations from Manufacture are stations 8052 - Clinique / Montplaisir (2 avenue des frères Lumière, Lyon) and 8025 - Dumont / Jouvet (A2 rue Santos Dumont, Lyon). Of course you can use your own bike to come to MiXiT. There are ground hoops to park your bike (but they are exposed to water)

There are no parking spaces next to the site. Try to use parking outside Lyon (Parc relais) and take public transportation.

Orientation in "Manufacture des tabacs"

The place is big and we will display maps on the site to help you...

This building is an university and you can cross students in the building. All MiXiT attendees have a badge and this badge give you access to the different rooms, to the space to find coffee and lunch...

Floor 0

This level is the main access of the conference. The first day you will have to take your badge on check-in (you need to justify your identity at the entrance). At this floor you have 2 rooms Eich (workshop) and Gosling (conference). You can access to the first floor by stairs outside.

Manufacture des tabacs floor 0

Floor Mezzanine

You have the main amphitheatres (C & D) at this floor. These rooms will be used all the day but particulary fot the opening session and closing sessions.

Manufacture des tabacs floor Mezzanine

Floor 1

This level has the workshop rooms. The "Salon des Symboles" is the place where you will find a lunch at 12PM, coffee and fruits during all the day. Don't hesitate to visit our rest room, if you want a zen moment during these two days of conference.

Manufacture des tabacs floor 1

In "Salon des Symboles" you will have the stand of our sponsors. Take a minute during the conference to see them. Without them this event could'nt exist

Manufacture des tabacs floor 0
  • D : MALT
  • H : COSSILYS21
  • I : ZENIKA
  • J : RED HAT
  • L : VISEO
  • M : TALAN
  • N : THALES

Floor -1

On this floor you have one little amphitheatre (K)

Manufacture des tabacs floor -1