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The MiXiT 2016 CFP is open

by Agnès, on January 20th 2016

You were many to request the opening dates of the 2016 CFP. We can tell you that it's done! And you can suggest your sessions until March 6, 2016.

This year is a bit special because, as you may have noticed, we have set up a new website. Like an agile project and driven by time, we deliver features step by step :-)

You can now use this link or the menu to access the CFP. This feature is secured and you can log in using a Twitter or Google+ account. You can also create an account with a login and password.

If you had an account on the previous version of the MiXiT website, we've removed all the authentication data but we've kept your profile. When you select an authentication mode, enter the email address that was associated with your previous account, and data will be automatically linked. (if you don't remember your email, please check your email messages we sent you in previous years).


Now, we're eager to read your ideas... This year, we wanted to change a little bit the structure of our tracks by offering an 'agile basics' track and a 'technical basics' track as well, to give the opportunity for all to discover new things and at the same time, to improve your skills. If you want to increase your chances to be selected for a presentation or a workshop, don't hesitate to suggest several sessions with different levels of expertise.

Eg for agile game, you may want to talk about the best way to make "scaled kanban" in a non-technical environment with your eyes closed, but also lead a workshop to discover the scrum review event.

For the technical part, same story. For example, how to deal with a private Git server and multiple remote repositories (GitHub, GitLab ...) while doing a rebase of the comments and keeping its fork updated may appear simple to some and completely esoteric to others. But if you think you can simply explain how to code a JavaScript transpiler , develop a Java or .Net backend, set up tests, do quick deployment into production... Don't hesitate, we also love these kind of ideas ....

See you soon