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Lyon - April 13th & 14th, 2023

The Agile track : accessible & transversal

by Grégory, on April 15th 2016

This year, we wanted to create an accessible track allowing everyone to discover or rediscover basics of Agile. You will also go deeper into you practices and discover new ones.

The idea was also to go through all aspects of project universe from the product creation to animation of end of sprint retrospective including management, communication and team health...

##Thursday Thursday will allow you to discover approch around Agile like Lean Startup thanks to Nicolas Deverge, ** Kanban** with the conference of Alfred Almendra and the workshop of Olivier My or the agile manifesto with the workshop of Romain Couturier.

Apprehend or go deeper into concepts like standup animation with Florence Chabanois, agile management with Frédéric Rodriguez, Feedback Loops by Rui Carvhalo or technics for team help with Pierre Fauvel.

Take advantage of the day to discover effect or Agile in the field thanks to the feedback of Emilie Esposito or Anne Matray, Julien Paffumi, Jérôme Guilloux and Sylvain Chabert.

##Friday Friday, we'll open the day with terrific guests who will offer you more elaborate discovers thanks to the conference Xanpan by Allan Kelly and the workshop Scalling Ball Game invented by Yves Hanoulle (co-host with Franck Depierre).

We will study a little bit more Scrum with serious thought about Product Ownership with Claire Morin and retrospective animation with Maxime Bonnet.

During this second day, we will study themes more or less far from Agile but usefull for team health no matter what. Recruitment with Manuel Vacelet, ** burnout** with Goulven Champenois et Marie-cécile Paccard, motivation with the workshop of Romain Vignes, l’team improving with the improv workshop of Vincent Daviet and communication improvement with the conference of Bertrand Cochet.

Last but not least and because it's always important to confront reality, come to see the feedback of Grégory Destrades!

We hope you'll find what you expected or that you will discover what you didn't expect!