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MiXiT to accessibility and beyond

by Grégory, on February 27th 2018

One of our battle is to make MiXiT as accessible as possible. Firstly CPE, the place where the conference takes place, allows us to welcome people with motor disabilities. And we fight from the beginning for having the lowest price possible, in order to allow everyone to have a place.

Last year, we added new facilities to the conference with a breastfeeding room and a first step towards hard of hearing and deaf people. We ask Maxime Rinna and its service Scribovox to help us by transcripting our plenary sessions.

Maxime’s service is a semi-automatic transcription with a first round of automatique transcription then corrected by a team of correctors who correct the text in live. This mechanism allows to lower the service price maintaining a good level of service.

Volunteers transcribing

Maxime’s service wasn’t always perfect but it was a big step for us.

Sponsoring and a more services

This year, we launch a whole new sponsoring category with the creation of the Accessibility Pack. We thanks all our sponsors who have quickly responded and financed these new investments.


Thanks to us, we could afford to buy the SystemRISP transcription service which, from their offices in Caen, will transcript our conference in the plenary room.

We discovered SystemRISP thanks to advises from hard of hearing friends and colleagues and the Paris Web conference who work with them for a long time.

Our partnership with Maxime continues

Our biggest challenge now is to find a public. Unfortunately, last year, despite our efforts and some echos, we haven’t succeeded to bring people for this kind of service.

Few months ago, we publish a video thanks to Exaequo LSF in order to contact our public. video.

We are looking in rallied. We sincerely ask you to talk about MiXiT and our accessible services around you and ask hard of hearing and deaf people you know to send us an email at

Volunteers transcribing

We will go beyond

We don’t want to stop here, to do action just for one public : our objective is to make MiXiT accessible for everyone. For the next years, we will look at how to equip the conference for blind and visually impaired people.

Volunteers transcribing

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