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MiXiT, a conference (which attempts to be) eco-responsible

by Cédric, on April 12th 2017

MiXiT tries to reduce its ecological footprint, we explain why.

A conference tends to pollute quite a lot.

Well, quite a lot, but not at Fukushima-level, of course!

But still, 600 attendees in the same place, is as many meals, water bottles, waste and goodies which will end up in the trash.

If you are a long time follower of MiXiT, you may have noticed that we improved over the years on this matter. No goodies for a few years. We also replaced the 2000 (2000!!) water bottles we had by reusable water carboys.

Food also received a special care over the years, with Fred from the Communauté du Goût who provides us nice little meals exclusively made with local products. With a veggie option of course. The kind of initiative that counts and that we love (and it's delicious!).

This year, we wanted to do better on waste management, and the non-profit organization Aremacs will be here to help us. Fred, who always listens to our ideas, replaced the dishes of the meals by a compostable/recyclable one.

So, instead of sending everything to the trash bin, the leftovers and part of the dishes themselves will go to a compost. Aremacs will be at the conference with a bike-shredder where you'll be able to throw your leftovers in and, if you want to, bike it for a few seconds to shred everything (a necessary step for a good compost).

A fun little activity, with a few volunteers and information boards to learn more about waste management and compost in general!