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MiXiT 2017 ticketing: pre-registration

by Cédric, on March 13th 2017

MiXiT will open its ticket sale soon, but you need to pre-register first. Read more to know why.

MiXiT will soon be here (April 20th-21st), and like every year, you are ready to try to get your ticket by clicking faster than light.

Because we know that it has become difficult to acquire the precious pass that opens the gates of this conference we prepare with love every year, with speakers from all around the world and from all around our beautiful town of Lyon (and with crepes too, that’s really important).

We would love to announce that we found the ideal location, a room big enough for 1500 attendees, while keeping the conference friendly (because a lot of you come for the atmosphere too), and all that for a cheap price.

But… no, it doesn’t exist in real life.

MiXit will take place again in the CPE school in Lyon,
always with the same number of attendees (600),
still with a cheap price,
always with our (unmatched) atmosphere,
always with our crepes (a lot).

But this year, no need for you to be stressed out by the fact that all the conference was sold out in less than a minute (yes, we were blown out by the speed at which we were sold out last year too)!

This year, we are opening a pre-register step for everybody for a full week (until March, 19th, midnight). Take 5 minutes when you can, enter your firstname, lastname and email there.

Then, we are going to do what every conference overwhelmed by its own popularity does (Google IO, Apple WWDC, NgConf, and... MiXiT): we are going to distribute the tickets among those who pre-registered with a random(). The lucky ones (most of you) will receive a link to buy their ticket. The less lucky ones will be able to catch up with the talks videos less than a week after the conference (that’s new in 2017!).

I already see some of you thinking about registering several times with all their hotmail and yahoo addresses, but we will take a close look, and the ones who get caught will be excluded from the process.

One last thing: to ensure fairness among everybody, if you don’t want to use your link to buy a ticket, we will give it to someone else. We won’t authorize a transfer: the buyer of the ticket must have the same email used for the pre-registering step.

Here is the link to pre-register Hopefully there will be tickets for everybody :) We’ll send the results on Monday, March 20th!

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