MiXiT 2017 balance

by Mathieu, on November 2nd 2017

Organizing a conference requires some budget. Here are the details!

This is a lighter version of the french blog post. If you need more detail, please contact us.

For MiXiT 2017, our 82k€ budget was mainly split between:

  • Handling our speakers the best we can (hotels, travel, gifts, dinner, Lyon city guided tour...) for around 30k€
  • Handling our attendees the best we can (venue, breakfast, lunch, make the conference as green as possible, videos...) for around 50k€
  • Having a party didn't cost much since offered by Lyon city
  • 2500€ for the team meetings and structure (bank, mailings...)

And we balanced with the following incomes:

  • Sponsors brought us 51k€
  • And ticketing 31k€