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Ligthnings talks : propose, vote!

by , on April 4th 2014

Maybe you know that every year at MiXiT, we are doing Lightning talks!

And we loooove them!

These short, 5 minutes, and open talks, on content as well as on style, is always a big success. Everybody can submit one : you just have to win a few votes on the website (and again, everybody can vote) and you can find yourself in front of a small audience eager to listen to you!

Don’t fear to give it a try : 5 minutes are short enough not to be boring and long enough to spread your message and get the speaker’s thrill. Come and talk about your favorite framework, unknown methodology, hated language, passion for cross stitch, analysis of the Star Wars trilogies or Rubik’s Cube time record. We are between us, and we have an interest in every subject!

So let’s go, or push your friends under the lights : this part of MiXiT is all yours! Go submit and vote!

Go to the page of Lightning Talks to vote and submit one.

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