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MiXiT party 2023

by Cyril, on March 19th 2023

MiXiT 2023 will perpetuate traditions: on the evening of the first day (Thursday April 13th, 2023), we’ll be able to party in a beautiful venue. Like last year, the Grand Lyon opens to us La Chapelle de la Trinité.

The Chapelle de la Trinité was built as a Jesuit chapel. Then it housed the very first astronomical observatory of Lyon, Napoléon Bonaparte founded the Italian Republic there. It also was a gymnasium, and now offers various cultural events, like classical music concerts. It's a protected Historical Monument since 1939.

Earlier MiXiT party at la Chapelle de la Trinité

If a party can be seen just as a nice to have but not mandatory bit of a tech conference, we do think it's a precious time to exchange and see each others, without the pressure of the agenda, and talks starting every hour.

But such a moment is also precious for very practical reason. MiXiT always struggled to be an accessible conference for everyone, including on the tickets price. But a party, in a different and nice venue, where everyone gets to eat and drink, takes a huge tole on the budget.

Without the support of the Métropole de Lyon, we wouldn't be able to afford a nice party, in such a beautiful place.

Logo du Grand Lyon - La Métropole

So a big thank you to the Grand Lyon, without whom MiXiT wouldn't be the same.

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