How to manage my conf?

by Mathieu, on April 28th 2014

Here are some MiXiT 2014 practical information !

First of all you'll need to access the venue and if you came on previous MiXiT editions : it has changed !! We are hosted this year Rue Victor Grignard, 69100 Villeurbanne. So take a few minutes to read the access details to the MiXiT 2014 venue.

Then you will need to make a choice between all available sessions in the planning if not done yet! For that, you will find the planning page where you can favorite your sessions.
This same planning will be printed as posters and displayed in the venue, but we do not plan to make a copy for attendees. So if you don't own a smartphone, consider printing a copy.

And for all folks that can't live without a smartphone, here are some community developped applications :

See you on Tuesday!