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Allan Kelly first agile speaker 2016

by Guillaume, on February 1st 2016

You know Kanban, you know XP but do you know Xanpan?

We owe this approach to Allan Kelly author of "Xanpan: Team Centric Agile Software Development".

Allan Kelly

Xanpan is an example of a roll-your-own method, mix of XP and Kanban and team centric Agile. Xanpan draws ideas from Kanban and Lean, XP and Scrum from Procuct Management, Business Analysis and other places.

Allan Kelly is a Software Business Consultant in London, he worked for the BBC, Thompson-Reuters, He’s also the author of three other books : "Business Patterns for Software Developers", "Changing Software Development" et "Agile Reader".

We are really happy to welcome him this year, Allan will come especially from London to talk about his work.

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