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#mixit17, more than a conference: side activities

by Guillaume, on April 10th 2017

Two days of talks and workshops can be exhausting, right? Don’t worry, we got you covered with relaxing side activities.

Crêpes, crêpes, crêpes

Since two years, our tagline is: “MiXiT, the conference with crêpes and heart”. So yes, you’ll get a lot of crêpes, at will.

Raph’, our crêpes master, is also a passionate craftsman in his field. He grinds his own flour, with selected organic grains. He also bring his homemade jam and chocolate fudge. 😋 His children will be here to help him, along with our friends Alix and Helyette, to make crêpes as fast as possible. And this year, we will double the stands! \o/

MiXiT amazing food actors

Great food

This year we will be fed again by la Communauté du Goût which, as every year, will bring great products, made locally, in the slow food spirit.

La Communauté du Goût wants to be a bridge between growers fighting for quality, and consumers looking for great and authentic products.

Some physical activity

This year, Nathalie Cotté will be a speaker. But she is also a yoga teacher. She then offered to animate a 60mn “feel good” session, on Thursday around noon, for beginners. If you’re interested, send us an email to register (limited places). All you need is comfortable pants and a tshirt. Your lunch will be set aside.

Some rest

If you need some rest in a quiet place, our patio is there for you to refill your energy, with a dedicated room. Take a nap or work in silence: it’s up to you.

Some art

Last year Theoriz Studio proposed a visual performance. This year, we’re happy to have Antoine Louisgrand and Fabien Cornut. They both have worked for Ker Thiossane, a fablab and cultural center in Dakar, that promotes digital and cross-practices in traditional arts. These graphists are engaged in diversity and interculturality, two subjects that MiXiT has in its heart.

Ker Thiossane

They have carte blanche to draw what the conference will inspire to them. Their work will then be displayed on the walls of the venue.

Some music

We’re proud to have musicians and a conductor to open #mixit17. Samuel Couffignal will present his role of conductor, and how it can relate to a manager role.


And a party

Once again, Le Grand Lyon / Only Lyon opens for us the gorgeous City Town Hall for a mid-conference party, with everyone (organizing team, attendees, speakers), with music, and with French petits fours.

MiXiT party in Lyon City Hall

Let’s hope you’ll enjoy all these side activities, and see you at #mixit17!

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