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Why is being different actually a good thing? – My Way Into Tech

I've been working in IT for about seven years now, but especially at the beginning of my career I was troubled by self-doubt and imposter syndrome. How do I fit in? This is probably the question most employees ask themselves when they start a new job. It took me some time to understand that it is actually good to be different from everyone else and not try to fit in. In this 20-minute lightning talk, I share my personal story about my experiences, my journey and my challenges and how I finally found my place in the tech industry because I didn't try to be like everyone else.

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Feli Bernutz

Feli is an iOS Engineer at Spotify, based in Nuremberg, Germany. She discovered her passion for iOS development during her studies and has been working on iOS projects since 2016. She is a strong advocate for accessibility and usability. At Spotify, she works 100% remotely on the design system of the app. From time to time, Feli gives sketchnoting workshops where you learn how to create better notes from talks. In her free time, you’ll find her climbing on rocks or doing other kinds of sports outside.

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