Generative and Data-Driven Posters

An introductory workshop in which participants will work with OPENRNDR to create a series of posters. The posters are made using generative and data-driven methods; we will write programs that use scrapers, open datasets and media archives to create posters.



#WORKSHOP in English

Edwin Jakobs

Edwin Jakobs is a developer and a designer with a strong interest in computational and generative methods. He is one of the founding partners of RNDR, a studio for interactive design based in The Hague. Edwin is the lead developer of OPENRNDR an open source framework for creative coding.

Boyd Rotgans

Partner RNDR (Interaction designer, user experience, 3D Visuals). He has a BA in Interaction Design from Artez Academy for the Arts. He is fluent in Kotlin, Java, Processing, and Javascript-based languages (Nodejs, React js, Redux, D3, etc.), and has experience in machine vision using frameworks as Tensorflow as well as extensive experience in 3D time-based visualising. He has given many workshops and has teaching experience in interaction design.

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