Build native mobile apps using JS and Appcelerator

Introduction workshop to Appcelerator Titanium where we will code a true native cross-platform app using JavaScript and the Alloy framework

After a brief overview of what Titanium is, we will be coding our very first fully native cross-platform app. The session is mostly a "live-coding" formatted workshop where we will build an application aplication structure to improve upon.

The goal of the workshop is for attendees to leave with the code for their own app.

##Come prepared:

  • Have the latest version of Node.js installed (this will also install the `npm` package manager) [ Official Website ]

###Bring a Mac (if you can)

  • The latest version of Xcode from the Mac AppStore (this is a pretty big download, so better download it before the session)

###If you run Windows (you are not second class citizens)

  • Windows 7 and up
  • The Oracle JDK (32-bit version, this is important) [ Official Website ]
  • Android SDK [ Official Website ]
    • Once installed you will need to download the following APIs using the Android SDK Manager
      • 4.0.x (API 14)
      • 5.0.1 (API 21)

##BYOD If you have your own Android device (sorry but iOS devices require you to give Apple money) and a USB cable, bu sure to bring it. This will allow you to show your friends and collegues what you have accomplished.

#WORKSHOP in English

Christian Brousseau

Canadian living in France. Husband, father of 2. Founder and CEO of Things Are Moving, Titanium Book Author. Just follow the accent...