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Build native mobile apps using JS and Appcelerator

Introduction workshop to Appcelerator Titanium where we will code a true native cross-platform app using JavaScript and the Alloy framework

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After a brief overview of what Titanium is, we will be coding our very first fully native cross-platform app. The session is mostly a "live-coding" formatted workshop where we will build an application aplication structure to improve upon.

The goal of the workshop is for attendees to leave with the code for their own app.

##Come prepared:

  • Have the latest version of Node.js installed (this will also install the `npm` package manager) [ Official Website ]

###Bring a Mac (if you can)

  • The latest version of Xcode from the Mac AppStore (this is a pretty big download, so better download it before the session)

###If you run Windows (you are not second class citizens)

  • Windows 7 and up
  • The Oracle JDK (32-bit version, this is important) [ Official Website ]
  • Android SDK [ Official Website ]
    • Once installed you will need to download the following APIs using the Android SDK Manager
      • 4.0.x (API 14)
      • 5.0.1 (API 21)

##BYOD If you have your own Android device (sorry but iOS devices require you to give Apple money) and a USB cable, bu sure to bring it. This will allow you to show your friends and collegues what you have accomplished.

Christian Brousseau

Canadian living in France. Husband, father of 2. Founder and CEO of Things Are Moving, Titanium Book Author. Just follow the accent...

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