boot2docker: zero to docker in 20s

boot2docker is a 24mb Linux distribution based on made specifically to run Docker containers. It runs completely from RAM.

What started as a hack has turned into a real operating system, used by tens of thousands of developers worldwide. And it all started because we found that having a full featured host operating system isn't needed to run Docker images.

boot2docker is essentially trying to change the way people develop, run and deploy software through Docker, across all OSes and hardware. It is opinionated, is distributed as an ISO image, and is read-only.

Most importantly, an ecosystem is starting to develop around it:

  • boot2docker-cli is a tool to run and manage a boot2docker virtual machine
  • Mac OS X Installer is a full featured installer that will allow anyone to run Docker on OS X.
  • DVM is an on demand Docker virtual machine, thanks to Vagrant and boot2docker

In this talk, I will not only present you what boot2docker is, but what we stand for, and why we think our choices change the way we deal with OS and how Docker is paving the way to the next generation of software.

#TALK in English

Steeve Morin

Hacking everything