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Looking at the future of User Interfaces in Sci-Fi

Science fiction movies always have crazy softwares and crazy UI. Except when they’re not. Sometimes they’re visionary.

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If you watch old science fiction movies, you’ll probably find them ridiculous, with a lot of ugly hardware and funny computers. But when you take a closer look, you can see that people already invented the iPad and Google Glass 50 years ago. They were not real, of course, but they existed.

If tomorrow you create a simulation to enslave the human race, you probably won’t use green code falling down your screen. But who knows?

Our industry is inspired by the work of science fiction authors, and these people love to learn about technology to help them imagine new worlds. I’d like to talk about some of the major breakthrough in User Interfaces as seen in Science Fiction, talk about what didn’t work out, and try to imagine what our computers will look like in 50 years, based on those observations.

The next time you’ll see a movie featuring crazy computers, you’ll probably think twice. Science-Fiction, but for how long?

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Vincent Tourraine

Mobile + web developer.

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