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How to rewrite your JavaScript app ten times

Rewriting code that seemed like it would work is never any fun. How do you avoid it? The short answer: lots of thoughtful planning.

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It would be nice if developers could download a JavaScript framework, plug in the custom logic required for their particular problem, and have a functional, scalable, and reliable application. As any who's tried can probably tell you, however, it doesn't work like that. It doesn't matter if your application has 5000 "pages" or less than 50 - it will eventually become a large application in terms of code, because size of code is not just a measure of the complexity of the app itself, but of its maturity. If you've tried taking an app from a minimal set of functionality to something complex enough to cover all the edge cases, you've probably done some rewriting. If you haven't, it's your lucky day! We'll talk about several of the ways you can almost guarantee a rewrite in your app's future. If, on the other hand, rewrites don't sound like that much fun to you, we'll also talk about how to avoid them or at least minimise the risk they present.

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