Stéphane Colson

Je suis testeur logiciel freelance pour tout type de produit logiciel depuis de nombreuses années (que je ne compte plus). J’essaye aussi de rendre ses lettres de noblesse à ce beau métier par le biais du blog Lyon Testing mais aussi en co-organisant le Lyon Ministry Of Testing Meetup.

  • 2018 - (Re)invent your test strategyEN

    Testing is a craft, but it is also and for many foremost a job. A job you do day in day out, evolving with all the rituals every employee develops over time. These rituals, together with all sorts of other external factors (deadlines, pressure, etc.) often means that we don’t have a test strategy or that we are no longer reconsidering the strategies we set out from the start. Having the right strategy in testing is important to stay as efficient and effective as you can be.

  • 2017 - The Quest for the Ultimate Test StoryEN

    Good stories last: They release emotions, they have their own life, they make you proud and they can help you inform and move others. This is why we embarked on our quest: the quest for the Ultimate Test Story! We set forth to scour the earth in search of testers. Testers with interesting experiences and crazy stories to tell, but not having the words to bring them to life. Our weapon of choice: Test Sphere. A deck of hundred cards that inspires and supports these testers to craft, temper and shape their raw experiences into strong, red-hot stories of power.