Lætitia Avrot


Lætitia Avrot is Field CTO for EDB in France. She began working with PostgreSQL in 2007. She also had to learn Oracle and SQL Server at the same time. She had a lot of exciting experiences with high availability, production crashes, disaster recovery plan, load balancing, spatial data... She’s involved with the community as she is a former Code of Conduct Committee member for the PostgreSQL community, she is elected PostgreSQL Europe treasurer and member of the board of directors, she co-founded Postgres Women, and she's a recognized PostgreSQL project contributor.

    2022 -Meet NULL the UNKNOWN

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    NULL in SQL is a pretty tricky concept. Wether you think you know it all or you admit that you could learn some things about it, come see this talk!

    After some explanations, this session will turn into a crazy quiz and I challenge you to achieve a faultless performance!

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