Andre Staltz

Andre is an open source developer and speaker focused on building peer-to-peer social networks. He has worked in the software industry for 8 years, gaining fame in JavaScript tooling, such as Cycle.js, RxJS, Callbags, and functional programming. However, his background for more than 14 years has been community software: (2004) started managing communities of PHP bulletin boards, (2012) made a startup for modern group discussions, (2014) made peer-to-peer platforms with WebRTC, and recently (2017) joined the Secure Scuttlebutt group to build offline-first social networks. His latest project, Manyverse, is a mobile app social network experience capable of working entirely offline, built for non-commercial purposes and as free and open source software, with the goal of helping the underconnected populations in developing countries use the bright side of modern communications.