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The internet in 2030

The centralizing powers of the internet are showing a need for radical change towards freedom and user rights. A new movement is building the new internet, but there are even more difficulties approaching: climate crisis, crowd social engineering, and the next impending economic crisis, all of which are interconnected. This talk will show you how we are coming to the end of an era, and how one promising approach can benefit the environment, the economy, humanity, and the internet: décroissance.

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Andre Staltz

Andre is an open source developer and speaker focused on building peer-to-peer social networks. He has worked in the software industry for 8 years, gaining fame in JavaScript tooling, such as Cycle.js, RxJS, Callbags, and functional programming. However, his background for more than 14 years has been community software: (2004) started managing communities of PHP bulletin boards, (2012) made a startup for modern group discussions, (2014) made peer-to-peer platforms with WebRTC, and recently (2017) joined the Secure Scuttlebutt group to build offline-first social networks. His latest project, Manyverse, is a mobile app social network experience capable of working entirely offline, built for non-commercial purposes and as free and open source software, with the goal of helping the underconnected populations in developing countries use the bright side of modern communications.

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