La conférence pour l'éthique et la diversité dans la tech
avec des crêpes et du cœur La conférence pour l'éthique et la diversité dans la tech avec des crêpes et du cœur

Lyon - 13 & 14 avril 2023

Speaker 2018

Allan Rennebo Jepsen

Core Agile

I am an Agile enthusiast, DRiVE practitioner, UnBoss believer, Leadership thinker, Scrum Coach, Cultural Change Agent and probably a whole lot more. My passion is to help businesses succeed by allowing the employees to grow – both individually and together. To achieve that, I of course utilize many different frameworks and practices – like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc., but my main focus is always on how the changes supports the need of the employees and customers in the best possible way. I am an active member of the Business Agility and Agile communities, founder of Agile Copenhagen and speaker at conferences around the world.

    2018 -Agile – is it real of a fairytale

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    Imagine a place where all rules have to add value and make sense. Where the processes are there to support instead of control. Where profit is the consequence of doing a great job - not the reason why we go to work. Where employees are so happy that the salary becomes secondary. Where the customers are so happy they don't consider going elsewhere .

    This may sound like a fairytale and in most organizations, it is – but does it really have to be?

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    2018 -The Beyond Scrum Game


    How do we evolve beyond the definition of Scrum and become truly Hyper Productive?

    In this workshop you will be invited on a journey where Scrum grows beyond the Scrum Framework, and becomes a team culture where teams work collaboratively to deliver value, learn, and to continuously improve – all in pursuit of a clear purpose.

    Get ready for a fun time where you will be able to learn and play at the same time.

    Come and join the game!

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