Created in 2006, Zenika is a technological, managerial and organizational innovation firm that supports companies in their digital transformation. Zenika is the link between the organic world and the digital world and is positioned as a "One Stop Shop" for its customers.

From the user interface (Web, Mobile, Voice, IoT, VR) to the data and its usage, with agility in mind, Zenika brings together various profiles on the following areas of expertise: Java, Big Data, Web, Mobility, IoT, DevOps, Craftsmanship, Agility, Security and organizational transformations. After the opening of agencies in Paris, Lyon, Rennes, Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux, Singapore and Montreal, the group wishes to reinforce its national and international influence.

In 2018, Zenika rose to 1st place in the Great Place to Work 2018 France Awards, thanks to its 336 Zenikeans who contribute every day.



COSSILYS21, an agile and responsive SME created in 1995, is a CCTV software company that also manufactures intelligent video Hubs.

COSSILYS21’s experience and skills allow for a high innovation level, consistent with its clients’ needs: more than 15% of the turnover is dedicated to Research and Development.

COSSILYS21 deals with tomorrow’s technological challenges like the Cloud, deep learning, cybersecurity.

COSSILYS21 contributes its expertise to leading firms, especially in the banking sector, by offering powerful and reliable quality solutions.

Clever Cloud

Clever Cloud helps companies and IT professionals to achiveve software delivery faster, reduce their feedback loop, focus on their core value and stop worrying about their hosting infrastructure by providing a solution for application sustainability. We created Clever Cloud because we think that industrialized hosting will allow companies to work faster, be more agile in their market, focus on their added value and stop worrying about their hosting technology.

Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end-to-end service offerings on the market: consulting, systems integration,software development, infrastructure management and business process services. Sopra Steria is trusted by leading private and public-sector organisations to deliver successful transformation programmes that addresstheir most complex and critical business challenges.



Linkvalue is a French people-first tech company, built on skill, technique and innovation. We pride ourselves in providing high-level consulting services, support and development. From start-ups to high-profile companies, on all kinds of technologies, ranging from web to mobile or even IoT. Our concept of a P2P company promotes care, attention and well-being just as much as it values pure skill and creativity. Here at Linkvalue, Partners can spend up to 10% of their work hours in R&D. A unique opportunity to master new technologies, acquire or practice soft skills, or even undertake personal tech projects. Our company also offers a whole dedicated budget to subscribe to MooCs, buy books, attend some of the biggest conferences and events in the industry, or take part in all kinds of training sessions and workshops.

Whether you're a pure tech lover, a skilled data scientist, or you simply wish to know how our « liberated company » works, come meet us and have a coffee sometime soon! We'll be happy to show you around our offices in Paris, Lille or Lyon !



Malt is the main community for freelancers working in the digital economy. Since 2013, Malt has supported the evolution of work habits by connecting over 90,000 freelancers working in the digital economy to 30,000 client companies, among which 70% are CAC40 rated.

Malt lets freelancers work directly with large corporations, on projects they love, at rates they deserve, in a transparent and humane way. As for the client companies, Malt helps them find experts with whom they will collaborate to innovate and speed up their projects, by giving them an easy and secure access to the best talents in the digital economy. Clients and freelancers outsource the administrative and legal aspects of their work to Malt and can therefore focus on developing their projects.

Founded by Vincent Huguet (CEO) and Hugo Lassiège (CTO), the company has over 80 people employees in Paris and Lyon, 10 people in Spain where the office is growing rapidly, and is working on expanding the company more broadly in Europe starting in 2019. As the leading French platform for freelance work in the digital economy, Malt is proud to have the support of influential investors, such as the Kerala Ventures fund, ISAI, and Serena.



Bonitasoft helps innovative companies worldwide deliver better digital user experiences for customers and employees. The extensible and open Bonita application platform unleashes the full potential of multidisciplinary development teams to create Living Applications: applications that allow continuous and incremental improvement, connecting tailored user interfaces with reliable back-office operations.

With more than 1000 customers in 75 countries, and its ecosystem of more than 130,000 members, Bonitasoft is the largest provider of open-source Business Process Management, Low-code and Digital Transformation software worldwide.


VISEO utilise la technologie comme un puissant levier de transformation et d’innovation pour aider ses clients à tirer parti des opportunités du numérique, adresser les nouveaux usages et affronter la concurrence d’acteurs qui changent les règles du jeu.

Avec 2 000 collaborateurs intervenant sur 5 continents, VISEO concilie agilité et complémentarité de ses savoir-faire - design de nouveaux produits et services, digitalisation des processus métier, valorisation des données, développement des actifs digitaux - pour faire du numérique un réel levier de compétitivité et de performance. »






Feelinjob est dénicheur de beaux jobs IT et de talents passionnés @ Lyon. Dit autrement, nous aidons les profils expérimentés ou seniors à trouver le job de leurs rêves et nous aidons les entreprises à recruter de beaux profils à valeur ajoutée 😊

Nous travaillons exclusivement avec les candidats et les sociétés animés par la passion, le plaisir au travail et la qualité, en choisissant ceux et celles avec qui nous aurions nous-même eu plaisir à travailler si nous étions client final ou candidat à l'écoute du marché.

Nos valeurs : Qualité et professionnalisme, passion, transparence, bienveillance et simplicité.

Feelinjob a été fondé par Hervé Jacob, ex Directeur de Zenika Lyon


SuperTilt a pour mission d’accompagner les entreprises et les équipes dans la gestion de la complexité humaine, produit et méthodologique. Pour y parvenir, je m'appuie sur des valeurs, des pratiques et des outils qui ont démontré leur efficacité pédagogique : Agilité, facilitation graphique, séminaires créatifs, formation en ligne, Kanban et gestion du temps, jeux d'entreprise et conférence.

Mon objectif est de favoriser la prise de conscience collective de la nécessité de changer et des solutions pour y parvenir.


WOONOZ est un éditeur Lyonnais, pratiquant l'agilité, et développant des solutions d'aide à la mémorisation de contenu de formation.


Based in Lyon, HIIT aims to help large enterprises and SMEs / SMIs for new business development projects, in terms of technological expertise, cost compliance, quality and performance monitoring in an agile environment.

As the HIIT consultants represent the heart and the strength of the company, HIIT focuses on offering them several missions they can choose regarding their technical/functional level, career goals and objectives, and insures and develops an effective and trust working relationship. HIIT also gives them the opportunity to be part of the company projects and decisions, as well as time to work and develop personal / professional projects.

In order to meet our customers and consultants expectations, HIIT is committed to providing an high-quality service based on knowing and understanding them; and encourages constant contact to establish solid, strong, lasting relationships.

To face our clients digital transformation challenges and projects, and turn Big Data into big opportunities, HIIT offers a unique combination of a high level of skills and an IT multidisciplinary team (self employed workers, experts from other companies, including IT) so as to create added value and offer the outstanding customer service they need.


Entreprise de service numérique, nous accompagnons nos clients dans l'évolution de leurs SI depuis 1996.




Braincube est un éditeur de logiciel, 100% français, pionnier de l’intelligence artificielle au service de l’industrie, fondé en 2007. Braincube accompagne les plus grands industriels de la planète dans leur transformation numérique et l’amélioration de leurs performances industrielles grâce au Big Data et à l’Intelligence artificielle, de l’usine connectée à l’optimisation algorithmique prédictive, vers l’usine intelligente et autonome. Profitable dès sa création, auto-financée, avec une croissance annuelle de 35%, Braincube fait en 2018 sa première levée de fonds auprès de IRIS CAPITAL et NEXT 47, et accélère son recrutement et son expansion internationale. Braincube est déployé sur plus de 1200 lignes de production, dans plus de 30 pays sur 4 continents.


Clever Cloud

Clever Cloud helps companies and IT professionals to achiveve software delivery faster, reduce their feedback loop, focus on their core value and stop worrying about their hosting infrastructure by providing a solution for application sustainability. We created Clever Cloud because we think that industrialized hosting will allow companies to work faster, be more agile in their market, focus on their added value and stop worrying about their hosting technology.