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Software Development Workflow at Google

We'll look behind the scenes of day-to-day development workflow in the engineering teams at Google.

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It is estimated that in the US alone, failed and troubled software projects waste $60-$70 billion per year. For that money, you could launch the space shuttle 100 times, build and deploy the entire 24 satellite GPS, and develop the Boeing 777 from scratch and still have few billion left over.

In my talk, I will not be analyzing what other companies do wrong. Instead, I will focus on explaining what Google does to reduce the development cost while speeding up releases and constantly delivering high quality software to our users.

I will talk about the engineering and management structure at Google, then touch upon various software development workflow methodologies and then dive into the specifics of what software teams at Google do on a day-to-day basis.

Petra Cross

Senior Software Engineer at Google. (Search, Gmail, Google Mobile Wallet). Based in San Francisco, California. I'm also an avid photographer

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