Tanya Fish


Tanya Fish works as Head of Outreach and Education at the electronics manufacturers, Pimoroni Ltd. Tanya has experience internationally as a conference speaker and technology presenter at STEM events and digital festivals, including delivering workshops for the micro:bit foundation at BETT. She has successfully developed resources for use with the micro:bit and to date, three commercial kits based around a micro:bit. She is currently working on several projects including kids conferences for the InfoSec and Open Source communities, and high voltage artwork. She writes regularly for micro:mag, the unofficial micro:bit community magazine.

  • 2020 - microbits - from little acorns mighty oaks do grow EN

    A micro:bit is an entry point into computing for beginners to get started, yet the community has taken this simple microcontroller and created a whole world full of amazing things, from the humble blinky light to medical devices, musical instruments and networked circus performances. We take a tour through micro:bit projects from the beginner to the it-shouldn't-be-able-to-do-that.