Daniel Garnier-Moiroux

Pivotal Labs

After being a consultant and business analyst for a little while, Daniel came back to doing what he loves the most, software engineering. He has applied his skills in numerous business domains, such as e-commerce, railway planning or fire department operations management. He has a keen interest in automation, and more broadly in improving software engineering productivity.

He is now a software engineer at Pivotal Labs in Paris, where he practices and teaches extreme programming on a daily basis, TDD'ing and pairing like crazy.

  • 2020 - Réussir ses estimations, c'est possible

    En tant que développeur, on n'a jamais envie de produire une estimation pour un projet software. On y passe un temps fou, nos estimations sont toujours fausses, nos stakeholders les confondent avec un engagement ferme...

    Pourtant, on y est régulièrement forcé. Comment faire une "bonne" estimation ?