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Speaker 2024

Anton Arhipov

Developer Advocate, JetBrains

Anton is a Developer Advocate in the Kotlin team at JetBrains. With a professional background in server-side development, Anton has been building tools for developers for more than 10 years. Recognized as a Java Champion since 2014, he often presents as a speaker at large software conferences and contributes to the Kotlin YouTube channel.

    2024 -Harnessing the Power of AI in IntelliJ IDEA

    • #TALK

    AI Assistant provides AI-powered features for software development based on the JetBrains AI service. The service transparently connects you, the IDE user, to different large language models.

    This session demonstrates the capabilities of AI Assistant in IntelliJ IDEA by exercising the prompts for various development workflows: explore legacy code, improve the existing code via refactoring and tests, learn new technology, or implement new functionality in your application – let’s see how the AI Assistant can improve our productivity.

    2024 -AI and Code Quality: Revolutionizing Development

    • #ON_AIR

    Dive into the cutting-edge intersection of artificial intelligence and software development in this captivating 25-minute live interview. Discover how tools like GitHub Copilot, JetBrains AI Assistant, and Google's Gemini Large Language Model are transforming the coding landscape by enhancing developer productivity, streamlining workflows, and ensuring higher code quality through practical demonstrations and insights. From harnessing generative AI for front-end and back-end programming languages to leveraging AI-powered features for exploring legacy code and implementing new functionalities, learn about the vast possibilities and the precautions needed to navigate this evolving domain. Join us for a session that promises to unfold the significant impact of AI on day-to-day development tasks, exploring both its capabilities and its challenges in modern software creation.

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