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Will they care? On finding a job that loves me back.

I am a techie. I am a crafter and care about quality in Software. I love communities & inclusion, and believe in bringing value to my clients and pride to my field. Sadly, I am convinced there’s something wrong with hiring. For hiring managers, processes are expensive, time-consuming and fruitless. For candidates interviewing is hell, painful and fuzzy. No one is winning in this equation.

First I chose jobs based on the “company”: its name, and its stability. Then I chose based on the “TechStack”: the more modern & shiny, the better. Later I chose based on the people I wanted to be surrounded with: more skillful people than me.

None of these worked for me.

Three different periods, three different failures, and three different pains, which made me feel what was offered back to me compared with my efforts was not enough, and sometimes even harmful.

How can I make sure this works out better next time? How to make a better choice? But better based on what?

In this talk I want to share my hypothesis with you: The only way to find fulfilment in a job is to find one in which a team can care for each other without over-adapting to each other. I need to be myself. Join and help me define and enrich the “Job Caring Framework” so we can share it with everyone in our field and heal it a bit and help me find a job that accepts me as I am.

Team Team
Thursday April 25th
14:40 - 15:25

Gosling room (F08)

Adriana Nava aguilar

Adriana NAVA AGUILAR (She/her) is a Mexican and French Computer Scientist, engineer, speaker and Google WTM Ambassador.

Currently, she works as a Senior Web Full Stack Consultant, for a SaaS client in Paris, France.

She has worked in Mexico and France in a wide variety of fields and various roles.

She loves tacos, chilli pepper, her dog, tech communities, craft conferences (aka SoCraTes Soltau, CodeFreeze and NewCrafts Paris), and tech meetups (DuchessFR and LadiesCodeParis)

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