Flutter: A Path of Vines and Flowers

A lot of talks about Flutter focus on the great features that the framework has, this one gives feedbacks about things that are not (yet) so great on the framework, based on real life experience.

The Flutter framework provides some great features that have lured a lot of developers. In real life though, not everything is perfect. As professional developers, we can expect nothing less than great tooling, a strong support for enabling several environments, a robust way of managing resources and providing a great user experience. In this talk I’ll explain the great features but I’ll also cover several aspects that Flutter development is currently lacking, all of that from an Android developer perspective.




Elaine Dias Batista


Elaine is a Team Leader and Developer Advocate at SFEIR, where she works on projects consisting of mobile and voice technologies. She's passionate about the new interactions that we can have with technology. She's a GDE for the Google Assistant.