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Resumability in the next generation frontend framework With O(1) loading time

Qwik is a JavaScript framework that uses a new rendering paradigm called resumability. It can serialize a JavaScript app into HTML, thus eliminating the need for the hydration technique used in meta-frameworks like Next.js. Is Qwik the world's first O(1) JavaScript framework? Let's find out. I will teach you how to start with Qwik on this topic. We will cover the following topics: What is Qwik framework, Qwik vs. React, Qwik vs. Angular, How to make JS bundle smaller, and how to get started building with Qwik.

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Ruby Cabagnot

Ruby Jane Cabagnot is a full-stack DotNET/Java/Reactjs developer based in Oslo, Norway, and works for Avanade Norway. She believes that to be interesting, one must BE interested. You can find her on Twitter @rubyjane88 Published Book:

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