The I in ACID

Why talking about old things like ACID properties? We all know everything we need to know about that, right ? Well, I found out that even though this properties were old, well known and beautifully documented, it didn't mean people actually understood them.

I found myself repeatedly explaining to developers how transaction isolation works, what tradeoffs were made and why.

Particularly, transaction isolation and its anomalies were not commonly known and I found out developers adding extra layers in their application instead of simply adjusting their database isolation level for that particular transaction.

After explaining globally ACID properties, we’ll focus on transaction isolation, transaction isolation anomalies and in what case a developer should care about transaction isolation.



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Lætitia Avrot is a Postgres expert at EnterpriseDB. She's co-founder of the Postgres Women movement, member of Postgres Advocacy Group and member of Postgres Funds Group. She is also a former member of the PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee.

She wrote several patches for the PostgreSQL project, she also write several Postgres related articles on the French magazine "Programmez!" and gives regularly conf talks in community events.