Home automation made right with Home Assistant 🏡💡(domotique)

This is a live experience & demo of Home Assistant, an open source, self hosted assistant for your home & office. Running on a RPi, it can connect to almost every connected and non connected stuff (somfy, philips HUE, door/window sensor, EDF...) and has ~200-400 PR merged each month with 30k ⭐️

Since 3 years, I’ve setup my own automation in my flat in order to control my store, light, AC & make my own alarm.

Now, my christmas tree automatically light up when I go in front of it and until no motion is detected for 30min. My window store is closing when the sun goes down every day at different time, and open at 8:00 every day with a 97% success rate.

To do so, I’ve used Home Assistant, an open source community lead service running in my flat. During the talk, I’ll go through Home Assistant features with interactive, very risky demo between my flat and running hardwares on the stage. While the talk continue, I’ll be showing how to setup the service, adding new integration, how it works and how it’s been improving a lot over 3y with between 200 and 400 PR merged each month.



#TALK en Français

Hugo Gresse

Software engineer building Android & web app since 5 years, I am now without employment focusing on Open Source project of my own. Active member of Montpellier Tech community: Sunny Tech, Montpellier Tech Hub and Android User Group. Developer of Open Feedback which help organizers gather feedbacks on their event/talks.