From feudality to your company's organization

Let's imagine a country governed by an almighty King who inherited the throne from it's own father, sharing the fruit of his vassals'labor to his faithful lords, and finally you, a peasant, tilling the soil only to finally yield it all. Wouldn't that be insane ? Well, that's most companies'case!

Because we start our lives by going to school to be prepared for working, because we observe all of our childhood our parents doing their best at work to let us go to school and be ready for work, because working is an absolute necessity if you want to make a decent living, it seems almost normal to most of us to consider we are beholden to our employers. As a consequence, we tend to accept a lot more from them that we would from public society. Society is an ambiguous word. Whether it’s private or public, it can describe a company or a group of people who live together, and even though you would consider normal to live in a democracy in the latter one, that’s almost a nonsense when it comes to a company. If questioning the necessity of working is not the point of this presentation, we’d like to point out, with a slight touch of irony, some critical similarities between feudality and the situations we all face at work. There are probably no solutions that would fit any company, but at least we will try to bring you some take-home ideas that you might want to try at work.




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