Forkable Education: HackYourFuture Belgium

Something is missing in open computing education. Something between an online learning platform and a full Learning Management System. Come learn how HackYourFuture Belgium manages 40+ students at a time with (almost) nothing but a GitHub account and standard collaborative workflows.

Something is missing in the world of open computing education. Something between online learning platforms (FreeCodeCamp, Khan Academy) and full Learning Management Systems (Canvas, Moodle). What’s missing is a lean, accessible way to manage anything from a study group to a full coding school using only the tools of the trade. No more, no less.

Come learn how we use open source workflows and tools to run HackYourFuture Belgium. And maybe hack your own future while you’re at it :)




Evan Cole

HackYourFuture Belgium, Open Knowledge Belgium

Hello. I like to quietly do good work behind the scenes. From time to time I like to pop out and share what we're learning here in Brussels.

I don't think of me as a developer, and often that's very helpful for teaching programming.