Exploring Kotlin for JavaScript

How to get Kotlin – the prominent language for JVM and mobile devs – into the browser. We’ll have a look and see how we can leverage the strengths of Kotlin for JS applications, explore interop with frameworks & the platform, and see specific libraries for building distributed, concurrent apps.

In this talk, we’ll have a look at how we can get Kotlin, the prominent language for JVM, backend and mobile developers, onto one of the most potent and prominent platforms of the last decade: the browser.

We’ll have a look and see how we can leverage the strengths of Kotlin when getting started with writing applications that run in the browser. We’ll explore the interoperability with with frameworks, and how Kotlin and JavaScript can work together seamlessly. We’ll also see how Kotlin-specific libraries can make building distributed applications with Kotlin a breeze – from concurrent applications with coroutines to painless communication supported by kotlinx.serialization.

Let’s discover together what the world of Kotlin/JS, explore recent changes that help improve the way we work with Kotlin and JavaScript, and how to get the most of Kotlin on the web right now.



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Sebastian Aigner


Sebastian discovered his love for sharing knowledge having developed mobile, web and server side applications for clients during his time at the Technical University of Munich. In the role of Developer Advocate at JetBrains, he helps make Kotlin and its JavaScript target more fun and approachable, and helps pioneer the teaching of Kotlin in higher education institutes and schools.

Sebastian‘s technical interests revolve around building networked applications and using Kotlin on a multitude of platforms, including the browser.