Energy Optimisation with Xcode

One voice can change the world — said Obama during his campaign in 2008.

Well, one line can change the code, and so can you change the world — make it a better place — by optimising your app to drain less battery.

As developers we are highly environmentally responsible for our code. It’s how we start and stop location or other hardware that decides how fast the battery will be empty, thus on much batteries a user will need in its lifetime, and how much electricity (in various ways) have to be produced. Although it’s sadly something Apple doesn’t check, I’ll give you a few hint at what you should do and shouldn’t do to be greener developer.



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Manuel @StuFFmc Carrasco Molina

Started with his C64 at age 11 in 1987. Manuel “Stuff” Carrasco Molina became a Pro Software Dev in 1997 after 3 years of CS. Started the first french podcast about Apple in 2005. Started developing for iOS in 2008. With Swift since 2014 (pre-1.0). Just started to work for Certgate, a company which Businesses is Security and Privacy.

He has been running from 2012 to 2017